The attacks on Jeremy Corbyn represent something much more sinister

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Before Your Very Eyes……

The greedy rich decree
“We must have more”

So from those who have little, they’ll take a lot more

It’s taken from people like you and me..
just as the Greedy decree

What help can the masses expect then
In any fight against those that look down from their Towers
The laws they could turn to aren’t there any more
The rich changed them to suit their ideals
Help from your neighbours?
After all we are one and the same

The government has covered that nicely
Using a complicit news Media that screams
“Lazy scroungers they’re taking your taxes”
“Look how they get more than you”
Now we know that you really hate working
This workshy scum think they don’t have to…
So we’ll help you to vilify or ignore them
So we Rich can do what we do
And the stupid and selfish they fall for it
And vote for the hatred, selfishness and more….
Cuts to already stretched services that feed, fix and care for us all.
So big business can have a tax cut and the wealthiest can inherit yet more

While the poor will be lucky to keep a roof over their heads when the welfare bill becomes law

Now the facts make us recoil in horror that they’re killing ever more and more
But it never gets reported by the media
And most people choose to blindly ignore

So while the poorest are made to struggle

Only the few stand-up to fight back

While the masses repeat their learned mantra

Pull the ladder up…..
We’re alright Jack!!

Mark 2015