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Good Ideas Are Good Ideas – Austerity isn’t one of them!

I found these ideas as reply to a blog thread, I thought it worth sharing.

1.First idea is to buy 600 odd ONE bedroom flats in London (However many are needed for MP’s who need to be in London regularly). These are owned by the country and are the official residences of MP’s when they are Westminster MP’s. When they are no longer MP’s the next one gets the flat. No second home allowances, no meals out, they will have a kitchen and they can bring there packed lunches with them to the HoC. Put microwaves into the Westminster canteen so they can heat stuff up.
2. Obviously get rid of trident.
3. Necessary expenses should be paid. BUT NOT for any alcohol. If having to travel they must use public transport.
4. I agree that one main residence for the Royals is all that is needed but we could let them chose one other holiday home. The rest should be sold or used for the public good.
5. Royals should be immediate family only. Her and Him, their children and grand children. That is all.
6. No more large parties paid for by the country.
7. Anything else which is a ridiculously stupid waste of money.

Gloria Beauregard
January 13, 2015 8:37 pm