The Final Broadcast

The Final Broadcast

Ladies and Gentlemen, sorry to interrupt your evening, but I have something that I’d like to get off my chest.
You see ever since you crawled out of the primordial slime and flopped onto the earth, I have been there distracting you with shiny things and gunpowder. But then I was relegated to the substitutes bench, so to speak, and I thought that’s that, without me whispering in their ears they will build utopia. Well oh dear! I got that wrong.

God made you so he could retire did you know that? You were meant to be the pinnacle of evolution, a creature so sophisticated and powerful you wouldn’t need a god and he could go back to his gardening and puzzles.

But what do you do? You elect leaders who despise you and rob you of your freedom and dignity, you pollute and devour your eden, you know beauty to be false, yet you prostrate yourselves before it. You think to be a phillistine is honest and to be educated is cunning. You find the lowest common denominator, then you dig deeper, some utopia, I couldn’t have done better myself.

“The Final Broadcast” from Being Human (UK).

Dawn Breaks

Dawn Breaks
(On the eve of our deconstruction)

Mesmerised by vanity
bordering on insanity
The search for inner beauty is lost.
Broken down to complacency
Lost in this beaurocracy
The demands of an individual are gone.

Waiting for a godot
Looking too hard at shadows
Knowing thats all we are
Of what we were

The path is set forth so clearly
But some refuse to see it
Their minds are firmly closed
Even to the truth

It can’t be very long now
The last songs will all be sung
Any chance of a saviours’ appearance
Will be lost.

Say goodbye to all that once was
Steel for all to be lost – just a bitter taste
In the memory of time.

Mark Catlin–2013