The influence of the private insurance industry on the UK #welfarereforms

What’s Wrong With the Welfare Reform Bill? This! For starters……

Beware The Ides Of March

Well it finally arrived, the appointment letter for my Work Capability Assessment on 5th March at ATOS in Luton.
I’ve been waiting for it to fall through my letter box for ten months, since I reclaimed ESA after the last farce of WCA, found fit-for-work, appeal, Tribunal (which I lost). Then jumping through whatever hoops the JobCentre advisors thought appropriate ( moving the goalposts on a fortnightly basis was one guys way of trying to make me fail) So rather than having regular treatment my life became one long round of worry and double-checking I’d done everything the advisor had mandated for me, to avoid a sanction. After 3 months of this, my Dr said I’m going to sign you off again because all the anxiety was doing me more harm. So I reclaimed ESA and now I’m just preparing myself to go through it all again, I have no doubt I won’t get a fair hearing (AGAIN) So as you can imagine I’m not in a good frame of mind at present, so if I don’t add or update my blog in next few weeks, at least you know why. M