Tories pledge free vote on right to punch people in the face who don’t prepare dinner

Pride's Purge


David Cameron has pledged a free vote in Parliament on punching people in the face who haven’t prepared dinner on time if the Conservatives win the General Election.

The Prime Minister’s pledge to allow a vote on the face punching ban if he has a clear majority after May 7, was last night hailed as the right move by campaigners.

Mr Cameron said he shares people’s frustration at the legislation outlawing the slapping of tardy food preparers in the kisser– which has now been in place for decades – and would like to see the ban repealed.

In a statement to the press, Mr Cameron said a free vote on the right to punch out the lights of anyone not having food ready on time was the right approach and Mr Cameron’s pledge – made in an article in the Countryside Alliance magazine – would mean there was a real possibility of the ban being overturned and…

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