How the PLP have been against Jeremy Corbyn from the very start


by Matthew Lane


So, here we are again, another Labour leadership election less than a year since Jeremy Corbyn won the last one in such spectacular fashion (with the biggest mandate of any Labour leader ever).

The PLP insist that there has been no coup against him, that the very organised and orchestrated nature of the recent resignations was purely spontaneous and that they are moving against Corbyn now for the good of the party.

Because, as we’re so repeatedly told, Corbyn is unelectable. Unelectable. Unelectable. Unelectable. There is, of course, no actual hard evidence to back this up, but the Labour leader and shouts of unelectable have become almost synonymous in the last year. Despite Corbyn being voted back in as an MP for more than 30 years, with increased majorities each time. Despite him winning the Labour leadership election by a landslide last September. Despite Labour holding their…

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