Why HPOL is backing Jeremy Corbyn

Heavy Metal Politics

We’ve written a lot over the last few months on why Jeremy should remain Labour leader.

As ballots begin to arrive, here are our top-10 reasons for supporting Jeremy:

  1. Jeremy created the most diverse Shadow Cabinet ever assembled. Over 50% of posts were filled by women. Owen Smith claims to champion equality. But Corbyn is the first-ever leader to form a majority-female Cabinet. He achieved this even though Yvette Cooper, Harriet Harman, Margaret Beckett, Liz Kendall, Rachel Reeves, Mary Creagh, refused to serve. He made no excuses. He committed to a 50% female Shadow Cabinet and he delivered it.
  2. He has championed a new, open form of leadership. Whilst some have described this as “weak” and “ineffective,” Jeremy has delivered an unprecedented openness; not just for members and supporters, but for the PLP, too. Refusing to enforce the whip on key votes like Syria and maintaining an open-door policy for members of Parliament, Jeremy has delivered more…

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