#Smearwegoagain:’MPs’ say Corbyn’s Labour ‘antisemitic’. CHAC report shows itself nonsense


So, the press and broadcast media are buzzing this morning with stories of a report by the Commons Home Affairs Committee (CHAC) that criticises Jeremy Corbyn for “providing a safe space for Jew-haters“.

Smear we go again. Those attacking Corbyn are like chain-smokers, so desperate and twitchy to undermine him and his electoral chances that they’ve barely thrown away the fag-end of one ludicrous slander before lighting the next one. Which is odd, considering he’s supposed to be so ‘unelectable’.

The full report is over 25,000 words long, so a detailed analysis is going to take a long time. However, as ‘a lie gets round the world while the truth is pulling its socks on’, a quick analysis of the facets of the report that are primarily populating the headlines is in order.

1. Unanimity

The ‘unanimous backing’ of the report ‘by Conservative, LibDem and Labour members of…

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