#TimLoughton lied re expense claim to a MEMORIAL and other stuff you should know. #KenLoach


As you’ll probably know, the odious Tory MP Tim Loughton was enjoying his time (presumably a freebie) at the BAFTA awards last night when he was greatly offended by Ken Loach daring to use his award speech to attack the Tory government’s inhumane treatment of the unemployed and disadvantaged – here’s his speech in case you missed it:

Loughton took to Twitter to express his outrage:

loughton1Loughton didn’t stop there, also retweeting an attack on Loach for his ‘ancient’ views:

loughton2.jpgAs someone who talks to a lot of unemployed and disadvantaged people for this blog, I know who’s out of touch. Comedian John Bishop agreed – and nailed it:

But if Loughton dishes it, he’s got to be able to take it…

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