Hypocritical Tory MP demands transparency in government … except for himself

Pride's Purge

David Mackintosh MP

There’s been an interesting scandal brewing over the last few days about a lack of transparency on undeclared payments to Conservative MP for Northampton South David Mackintosh.

At first this looks like just another local story of dodgy goings-on by an elected official. But this one has an extra strong whiff of hypocrisy to it.

According to theConservativeHome website, Mackintosh has been putting himself forward as a champion of greater transparency in government:

“As a local councillor he has championed greater transparency…”

And indeed, Mackintosh has given speeches on transparency – as well as written articles – on the need for greater openness by MPs and councillors, especially in financial dealings:

“I have a very simply view of finance in government … if you don’t have anything to hide then you won’t mind showing the public how you’ve spent it.”

Clearly, when it comes to transparency and openness, Mackintosh’s standards are so high – they’re practically double.

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